About Us

Yoshiga is a brand of UPS, stabilizers, solar energy, transformers, and panels. Under the flag of PT. Persada Abadi Internusa, we have been working in the power supply field since 1996. We are an independent company with our main activity in trading in the electrical market. We have also been appointed by several leading electrical brands and companies to become official distributors throughout Indonesia.


PT. Persada Abadi Internusa operates in the power supply industry and is an independent company with a primary business activity of trading in the electrical market. We have also been appointed by several leading brands and companies in the electrical field to become the official distributor in all regions of Indonesia.

PT. Persada Abadi Internusa is also the main distributor of YOSHIGA UPS, Trafo, and Stabilizer products under the YOSHIGA brand. We also provide various electrical panel options, capacitor banks, lightning protection, ATS/AMF, and UPS services for various brands.

Fully supported by a strong management team and operational team (including Sales and Technical teams), our company offers customers a wide range of high-quality products and services. We will guarantee your investment with responsive and supportive after-sales service.


We offer efficient and effective solutions designed to meet the needs and requirements of our customers today and tomorrow. We guarantee timely delivery of equipment and components.

We will maintain good relationships with our customers. Our support team works closely with customers to ensure the operation, maintenance and upgrade of installed systems.

In the future, PT. Persada Abadi Internusa will continue to improve its products and services in order to prepare itself to become a leader in the industry.


Concentrating on marketing, provision, installation, and services, our company helps customers solve real problems. With professionalism, competency, and quality of workmanship, PT. Persada Abadi Internusa has a successful track record in sales and after-sales services.

In order to satisfy our customers, we guarantee 24-hour service provided by our experts. Supported by complete equipment and a technical division that is always ready.


Our customers come from various sectors including local (private) and foreign companies, such as Telecommunications, Industry, Broadcasting, Hospitals, etc. We have developed good relationships with them and we care about our customers’ activities. We are very proud to have satisfied the needs of our customers.